well hello there!

It’s finally here! blog post numero uno!

I’m so excited to begin this little blog and share my thoughts, LA journey and my LOVE of a healthy lifestyle – cooking, recipes, fitness & nutrition- inspired by my all time favorite blogs:  Peanut Butter Fingers, Fitnessista, and Eating Bird Food.  Take a gander at the ABOUT page if you’re interested in the randomness that = me.

Let’s jump right in with some recaps of the day…. BREAKFAST!  I’ve been all about a few favorites these days- protein pancakes, eggs, oats, or smoothies.  Today, I decided on PUMPKIN pancakes (I know it’s not exactly Fall anymore but I had one lonely can of TJ pumpkin puree hiding in the cupboards). Inspired by these babies, I’d say the day started off just right.   Don’t worry- there was obviously a few cups of coffee involved before, during, and after these healthycakes.  I’d like to say I’m a morning person…I love getting up early.  I love a morning workout. I have a morning routine that gets me inspired and ready for the day.  If you ask my fiancé if I’m a morning person, he’ll probably give a cute smile and then kindly say that I’m EVENTUALLY a morning person….if I get my initial coffee, quiet time, and news out of the way first. Oh well, at least I admit it.  I swear I’m not too high maintenance.  Give me a healthy breakfast, workout, and coffee and I’m happy as a clam. The happy sam clam.


More coffee this afternoon…with a little beach walk after some errands in Santa Monica.   Love a good Starbucks splurge. Normally I’ll do a tall black coffee with a large dash of cinnamon – today it was a tall soy misto extra hot. YUM.



My exercise for the day was my go-to 3 mile run to a local park and back.  I have to say that running has been a little tough lately!  Trying to get back to my half-marathon level.  By half marathon level, I mean that I completed my  first half marathon last year- and it was great!  My brain wants to train for a second one, my legs well they need to find their groove again.  But that’s another post in itself.

For dinner, I made some salmon with sides of roasted cabbage and sautéed zucchini.  Easy, simple, go-to meal.   Off to finalize a few odds and ends and watch a movie!

Wow I have so much randomness to write about.  This is exciting! 


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