in love with yoga…and chia

I started taking yoga in college.   The classes were free for students, so of course, I jumped on board. They were called Powerflow and were pretty basic.  I remember one teacher came around the room and spritzed us with lavender body spray during Shavasana.  Ahh lovely.

Up until a few months ago, I’ve been using the same mat from college, gifted to me by my old roomies.   It was hot pink with a viney white flower pattern.  Since I now get a small discount in the studio I work at, I decided to woman up and buy a new mat.  It was a struggle to decide, I mean Manduka ProLite or Jade Harmony? Do I need such a nice mat?  I figured I’d take at least a few yoga classes a week……and I’d like to become certified and teach and therefore I need a nice mat…..Pro/Con, Pro/Con…..I debated for a few days….until I decided to get the Manduka in a deep royal purple.  DONE! yah!  And guess what, the reviews were correct.  It’s been a very sturdy mat that has so much more cushion than my worn-out-much-loved beginner mat. Only downfall is that my new mat is a little slippery once you start sweating.  Like I have to put down a small towel or my hands slide around while I’m trying to breath deeply and firmly plant my hands on the mat in downward dog. (I’m too cheap to splurge on a yogitoes towel. someday perhaps).  Maybe I should try the saltwater spray that was recommended before initial use OR I should stick to my resolution and get more yoga time in- wear it in and it’s less slippery, so they say.

My girlfriend heard about my mat dilemma and gave me a Jade Harmony mat in light purple, without knowing I had purchased the Manduka! whaaaaat??? I have both now?? Yes, apparently she got the Jade mat from a friend who also had some connection….it fell off the back of a truck…or something…I’m not sure I was too excited and didn’t ask questions.  I happily carried it to the studio and felt like I was stretching out the mat, as if the biodegradable nature of it made it super bendy and it wanted to practice with me.  Anyway, it’s great for stretching and yoga at home.  It works extremely well on top of our carpet.  I guess that’s one plus for a carpeted rental apartment.

Bottom line is I’m glad I have two new mats to practice on.  They’ve been my little islands of calm when I need to mediate or quiet my mind.  Designated areas where I can stretch and tone my muscles. 

I’m actually going to pop into a class today.  It’ll be the second class with a great new teacher I’ve found.  He’s amazing with alignment and I felt like he was correcting my form the entire class last time….which popped my ego a bit, clearly I still have a lot to learn.  I’m up for that challenge.  Becoming a certified yoga teacher is on my to-do list.   I love feeling that sense of calm and accomplishment, like my muscles are getting stretched and I’m releasing negative energy and focusing on the present.  Now that’s something fun to teach others.  Plus, with a really good class, you feel like jello afterwards.

Speaking of Jello, I think the last time I had Jello was when I worked as a Dietary Aide in Madison.  Free snack on break? Hello sugar free jello….strawberry please.  I don’t know why but I used to really like it.  I remember in high school, my mom would buy a few boxes and I would make squares of Jello Jigglers that would be gone in a day or two.  These days I prefer chia pudding….which I guess is similar?   I don’t really measure when I make it, but the basic recipe that I follow is below.   I like to pair it with fruit and enjoy for breakfast or a filling snack.  My mom has even made it for us, topped with a few slivered almonds and berries. YUM. ❤

Vanilla Chia Pudding
serves 2


3 tablespoons chia seeds
1 cup almond milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (give or take), dash cinnamon,
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup (I used 1 packet stevia when I have it)


Mix all ingredients in cute mason jar or bowl. Let sit for a 30 mins in fridge.  Stir again as chia seeds will stick to bottom.  Let sit for 2-3 hours or overnight until chia seeds will plump up and absorb all the liquid.


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