Big Sur Camping- Jan 2014



Camping to me is:

Getting away from the craziness of LA.  Spending time under the stars.  Hiking new paths and long walks on secluded beaches.  Cooking outdoors and over a campfire.  Packing a picnic and heading out of camp with absolutely no plan except to explore.  Sleeping in a tent close to the ocean.  Falling asleep in a hammock, listening to the birds and the sounds of the season.  Reading a book in the sun.  Playing cards, drinking wine, and telling stories.  Ahh I just love it.

We’ve done some AMAZING camping trips while living in CA.  One of our first camping spots was Big Sur, staying at Kirk Creek Campground.  It is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever camped in (and we’ve done Malibu beach camping, Joshua Tree dessert camping, camping in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park (my absolute favorite), backpack camping in Pasadena, and a handful of other awesome spots.)  I wanted to include all of my photos, but decided to include a handful that tell the story of our trip.

Besides the beautiful photos I have to share, I thought it’d be fun to fess up to what you won’t see:

Photos from our first night, where we forgot to put our bags of food in the truck and woke up to the sounds of 4 hungry raccoons scrounging through out food and trash bag.  Or how the fiancé ran out of the tent dressed only in his boxers yelling “hey hey”  “Go on, get!” “Huahhh” with his flashlight….. eventually chasing them away, packing up the food, and securing the cooler.

Carrying our tent across the road to a better campsite directly overlooking the ocean.  Then scouting out a better site, moving our tent again (this time into the back of the truck and driving it to the other side of the campground, me sitting in the back of the truck making sure it doesn’t blow away).  Resetting up our stuff in the new, BEAUTIFUL area.

Driving around to a potential hike….. the fiancé getting distracted searching for a lost pistachio and me screaming  “Zachary!!!!!!!!!!!” to make sure he didn’t guide us off Hwy 1 and over the cliff.

A leaky cooler bag that soaked two of our sleeping bags.  Us laying out the sleeping bags on the truck trying to dry them.  Us forgetting to put them in the tent once it got dark out- duh extra dew on the sleeping bag =  still wet.  Us having to sleep with the extra blanket and one sleeping bag due to them still being wet and collected due.

The new-last minute-purchase-air-mattress that barely fit into our tent. Picture me squished against the side of our tent, curled up under the mattress blowing it up with barely enough room to put anything else in the tent.  Let’s hope we can exchange it for a smaller one that fits.

Making friends with our neighbors, who were from Idaho and had been camping with their RV for 10 days.

Passing two slooooooooowwwwww cars on the drive home….and getting caught by the highway patrol for speeding….and getting that fat ticket 😦

Our trips always contain these random moments-life would be so boring without them, wouldn’t they?

On to the photos:


Stopping at the Elephant Seal Vista Point to check out the seals that cover the beach!  It’s so crazy seeing all of them, flapping sand on themselves, little baby seals snuggling up with their mamas, making these “bird call” noises.  A few years ago when we stopped here, we saw two seals fighting! Cray cray.


Sunset on the first night, we got there pretty late.



Waking up to fresh coffee, cooking a breakfast scramble (green onions, eggs, tomato, kale), enjoying the sunrise (frowning from the sun in my eyes).


Moving our cute little green tent.



Picking some wildflowers to put in a vase and my hair.


The views.



The hike.



The secluded pebble beach.



Reading and yoga.


Dinner on the second night was corn on the cob  and foil packets of sweet potato, kale, tomato, green onion and chicken sausage cooked on the campfire.


Absolutely gorgeous sunsets.

It’s a camping trip that YOU need to take.


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