LA hikes to remember


If I can’t get outside and go for a run or a hike every few days, I get antsy.  I can’t quiet my mind and the voice inside my head won’t shut up.  When I’m outside I can focus on nature, feel the breeze or sun on my skin, and just BE…it doesn’t hurt that I get my workout in….hello booty.

I’m lucky that Los Angeles has great weather and a surprisingly easy-to-find hiking scene.  Personally, I think early morning hikes are the best.  If I leave early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I can get to my go-to hike in Temescal Canyon in 15-20 minutes! I hop on the PCH and I’m there- without having to fight beach traffic. YES!   Albeit today I didn’t get there and park until about 8:15 am so technically, it wasn’t early.

This morning there was a “happy” feeling in the air, I swear!  It was a chilly morning- and I’m saying this as a born and raised Wisconsin girl as I wore a long sleeve shirt and leggings in the 55-60 degree weather ( —->wimp).   The hike wasn’t yet packed with people, but everyone that I ran into said “hello” or “good morning”…. so refreshing to get that in LA!  I even got a “Go Badgers!!” and  high five (thanks to my WI hat).

My favorite route  is only around 3 miles, but pretty much straight uphill and then straight downhill.  There’s supposed to be a waterfall, but since it’s SO dry, there normally isn’t any water a-flowin 😦  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Hilary Swank twice on this hike now….in this floppy (dorky) hiking hat and tan/green little outfit.  Either I don’t get out much or I never recognize celebrities out and about…probably both.

Temescal Canyon wasn’t the hike that I initial planned on taking today.  I found a new hike online and was planning on trying it out.  When I woke up this morning, I decided to stick closer to home and save the farther, more secluded hike for a day when I have a hiking buddy.  I’ve learned to be smarter when I’m out by myself, especially due to my Magical Mountain Lion Hike experience.  I will never forget that hike.  Not only did I see a mountain lion run into my path a few feet ahead of me, but then, after freezing in panic mode for a few seconds, I turned and bolted in the other direction, literally running into Tara a few minutes later.  I was able to hike with her for the rest of the day…feeling completely safe, chatting with her about life, positivity, and LA.




Beautiful clear day.

And then there was the pit stop at the farmers market after…..daisies are my  happy flowers 🙂

Happy day!



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