friday favs no 2

Hello friend(s)!

Since I haven’t posted a recipe/eats in a while I thought Friday Favs would focus on meal favorites from the week – trying to make it pretty healthy, lots of veggies, oats and smoothies!  Just to warn ya- most of my photos are not very pretty! haha I’ll work on that.


Egg scrambles with veggies, sometimes wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla

Chipotle Salad Bowl (peppers/onions, black beans, salsa, sofritas – no cheese)

Sweet Potatoes, sautéed tofu, roasted veggies

Grilled Chicken on the grill (by the fiancé), roasted asparagus, and green beans

Green Protein smoothies (banana, kale, spinach, choc Pro powder, flax seed, almond milk- sometimes topped with 1/4 cup raw oats)

Trader Joe’s Ancient Grain Pizza (I don’t eat a lot of frozen pizza,  Most of them are so processed but the Nutri Facts in this one isn’t bad! It’s hard to limit yourself to one serving though!)

Pea Soup w/hot sauce and Trader Joe’s Veggie Chips (I cropped it in because the bowl wasn’t pretty- well this photo isn’t pretty either but you get the picture!)


Protein Pancakes– many different varieties! (this one is made with zucchini and topped with microwaved frozen banana and peanut flour sauce- sorry my pancakes are never very pretty- but VERY tasty!)

zucchini oat pancakes

Steel cut oats w/Greek Yogurt, banana, cinnamon and PB Flour

steel cut oats

Roasted Kabocha Squash (w/coconut oil)


Green juice


Lunch at Neptune’s Net– steamed shrimp & veggies (SO GOOD!)

neptunes net

What were some of your favorite meals or foods this past week?  Anything that you just can’t stop eating?


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