Sambody? Samsquatch?

I started a blog in Jan 2011 under a name like “LA Adventure” but I just couldn’t get my voice out and I gave up.  I didn’t think I had enough to say.  I didn’t believe in myself and I wasn’t ready to commit.

Fast forward to about now.  Let’s join the party.  Let’s share my love of health, fitness, cooking, and food with the blogging world.  Let’s hold myself accountable and have my own WIAW posts! Ahh only something a blogger would get excited about.

OK so I had to find a name. I wanted it to combine a nickname and something to do with health.

Saambody? 🙂  I used to work for a meal delivery company and the chef always noticed when  my coworkers or myself had snitched desserts or fruit. “Sammmbody has been in the kitchen.” “Sambody was eating the string cheese/brownies/nuts.”  Ahh oh well Mario loved us girls 🙂 wasn’t going to work and Sammmbody cooks/eats/works out just didn’t have a ring to it.

Samsquatch?  Another endearing name that a co-worker so sweetly dubbed me.  I won’t lie, I love it – it’s so creative. But no not for the blog.

Sambalam? Nope not going to work either.

Samplicity? Taken

“Wholesam”….something…  I mean, the synonyms for wholesome are exactly what I want this blog to be: nourishing, healthy, nutritious, sensible, honest, open, fit, clean.  And “taste”, well I also wanted to share random musings, travel, and other pieces of my life.  I wanted this blog to be a sample or “taste” or everything.  Plus Wholesambody was taken 🙂

Winner winner chicken dinner- wholesam taste became the name.

Now I’ll leave you with this adorable photo of my girlfriend’s sister’s pup….because he’s just so cute.



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