a whale of a good time

Haha I crack myself up sometimes.  Aren’t the dorky, wholeSAM jokes the best?   For real though, my brother was visiting last week and we had a GREAT time.

I finally got around to hiking somewhere new!  The tallest point in the Santa Monica Mountains to be exact!  Let’s just say that these Yelp reviews were pretty accurate.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the hike with my brother and fiancé.

It took us about an hour to get to the parking lot.   We took the PCH to Yerba Buena road and up and up and up…and finally found the parking lot about 6 miles in.

It definitely was a booty burner – hiking all the way uphill to the top and then all the way back down.

Here’s a few photos:

  photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

I was TOTALLY scared at the top.  The pictures don’t do it justice- it was REALLY high.

On our drive home, we stopped at another favorite viewing area in Malibu called Point Dume.  It’s know for whale sightings and we hoped that my visiting bro would bring us some luck.  Well gues what, WHAT AN END TO A PERFECT DAY!  WE SAW A WHALE!!!  Can you see it’s dorsal fin in the photo?!?! I think my brother took a video….more proof….but it didn’t turn out too well… I think you hear me saying “are you taping it? do you see it? are you getting it? joe do you see the whale?!” Winking smile haha

photo 1

photo 2

Let’s just say I was pretty tired after this day of wandering and hiking! A little more than the 2.2miles/day for the #TIU #loveyourbody #100byVday challenge!  I haven’t been following the Tone It Up challenge as much as I’d like, but it’s a great, inspiring community.

Any TIU girls in the LA area that need a fitness buddy?


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