friday favorites #3



Oh my gosh!  Look at all these beauties!!

The white daisies were a “just because” bouquet that my fiancé gave to me at least two weeks ago.  They still look beautiful.  AND the fiancé went to the LA flower market today & surprised me with Vday flowers- two bouquets!  He couldn’t decide between “romantic” flowers or “happy” flowers.  He’s starting to sound like me! haha  I am so lucky. ❤



My brother got me this scarf for me for Christmas! I love the neutral color- goes with everything.  I think it was from H&M.



I’ve been reading this book at work.  It’s SO SO good!   Read it.

Completed Task:


Something else to check off the to-do list.

Best Coffee:


Samsquatch. Coffee. Enough said.

Throwback photo:


Can I do this every week please?



Dark Chocolate, nuts & sea salt….with only 5g Sugar, 6g Protein, 7g Fiber and 200 calories? Yum. Sweet treat.



Unlike the feisty Winter Storm Pax hitting the South and Northeast, SoCal has had some beautiful warm weather this week!  We had a nice little beach walk yesterday evening.  Can’t beat that.


cookie in box

I made the fiancé some cookies for Vday.  I’ll share the story next week…let’s just say I was an early bird shopper…picked up some snickers and peanut  m&ms and chips ahoy for him….and by the time Vday rolled around….I had eaten them ALL…. whoops.  So he received some oatmeal/almond/dark chocolate cookies that turned out fabulous.  I’ll be sharing the recipe 🙂



I wore this apron while baking the cookies.  That’s probably why they turned out so GOOD.  Isn’t it cuuuute?! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s a good reminder to feel beautiful, share love, and treat yourself with kindness!


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