unexpected dark chocolate, almond, oat cookies

Unexpected cookies? whaaaat? Is there such a thing?

Well like I admitted yesterday, I initially bought a few Vday treats (but ate all of them) and needed something else to put in my gift bag.

I even wrote in my card “I promise not to eat your unhealthy treats!” haha wow see this sweet tooth of mine is UNREAL.  Time for a juice cleanse maybe?

Oh well.  We all know that Chips Ahoy really aren’t that great anyway.  Clearly Oreos are the better store bought cookie.  Especially with milk or PEANUT BUTTER!


I still gave the empty container to him and explained my embarrassing story……. I think it’s happened before…he wasn’t surprised.

You know what? I had some extra time and I felt like baking, so I should never have bought that processed crap in the first place.

Honestly my hot pink packaging is much more festive anyway.  Win. Win. Win.

Turns out I was out of brown sugar, didn’t have butter in the house, no raisins, only a few oats….so I had to find a recipe that would work with my disappointing cupboard.

 I found this recipe for Perfect Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Bakerbettie.com that promised I could make  PERFECT cookies with only 6 ingredients….

I was sold….and figured that I could use what I had…

I mean Bettie made it very clear that I could pull a Tim Gunn and, “Make it work”.

YAH!  That’s my kind of baking.

I followed the recipe subbing in what I could, adding the baking powder, vanilla, and a little salt as suggested.

I used Smart Balance.  And white sugar. Whole wheat flour. and some dark chocolate bars from TJ’s. Some almonds. Barely a cup of oats.

I also added a few tablespoons of steel cut oats because I didn’t have enough regular oats.

I ended up cooking them for the 9 minutes…plus 2…plus 2…plus 2…plus 2….I prefer gooier cookies but I have a habit of undercooking them and this batch needed to turn out yummy enough to package up and give as a gift.

I even had a little leftover dough to throw in the freezer to bake up next time I eat all his candy.

vdaycookie collage

Overall, they turned out pretty good! Or at least the fiancé pretends to like them so that’s nice of him.

cookie in box

I had too much of the other junk food that I wouldn’t dare try one of these cookies….in case they are good….there’s another upset stomach waiting to happen.

Next cookie I’d like to make are these healthy “cookies” from Pinterest.  Now those are my kind of cookie.

What’s your favorite cookie recipe? Do you try to healthify everything like me?

Healthy bars, make sure to use no sugar added applesauce


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