homemade sushi rolls


I think that’s what they say when we go out for sushi.  Isn’t it?

Recently, we had a little date night- shopping and dinner at home.  But this time it was extra special.

Have you been to a Japanese market before?  My fiancé took me to this local Japanese Market and it is SO cool.  I can’t wait to go back and eat in their little food court.

For dinner, we picked up ingredients to make sushi and sashimi! We bought shrimp, tuna, salmon, imitation crab and the fixings- roasted seaweed paper, avocado and white rice (for him).  We also got miso soup and edamame for appetizers, plus wasabi paste and soy sauce (for him) for our condiments.

I’ll admit to being picky.  I didn’t use the soy sauce b/c it wasn’t low sodium and I didn’t have any rice because I try to stick to brown rice if I have any.

Anyway, we already had the bamboo-tool-thingy (I think I got it from my friend at my old job) and Syran wrap for rolling.

sushi rollup

Let’s just say that I didn’t get to roll any because my fiancé was having too much fun.  I  was in charge of the miso soup and edamame.  Next time I’ll pick up some cucumbers and brown rice and roll one or two!

He made himself two rolls-  salmon avocado and California roll- & a crab avocado- sans rice- roll for me.  For being a first timer- they turned out so so good.


And the Sashimi.  YUM!  Our favorite was the tuna. The salmon was ok and the shrimp would have been better in a roll.  Overall everything was very fresh ….and the wasabi was killer! 🙂


We will definitely be trying this again.

Add some jasmine green tea in a wine glass for me and a few Japanese beers for him and it was a great low-key night.  We also started the new season of House of Cards.  I’m not sure if I’m hooked because he really likes it or if I like it too….either way it’s addicting.

Ever try your hand at sushi rolls?


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