Time for WIAW #2! Mmm I’ve been loving big salads, sweet potatoes, smoothies and oats per the usual.  Still not really eating any meat, which I guess is why my fiancé is getting bored with beans and tofu and lentils….and I’ve been working evenings- not being able to cook dinner as much….poor guy.  Time to make it a priority to try out a few recipes and food prep for him 🙂


7 AM Breakfast:

Steel cut oats with almonds, cinnamon, and a sliced banana plus a few cups of black coffee.  Every time I make steel cut oats, I make a mess!  I like to set an initial 15-20 minute timer and come back and stir….and then 10 minutes….then stir….I think I need to stir more often. (dang the picture is blurry!)

oats banana almonds

Today’s workout was a 5 mile run outside (it’s warming up!) plus some abs.

11:30 AM Lunch:

Sweet potato with 1/3 cup black beans, nutritional yeast sauce, 1/2 an avocado and romaine salad.

sweet potato avocado salad

Still hungry!

1:00 PM Snack:

Quesadilla (1 Ezekiel tortilla with mozzarella cheese).  I thought the nutritional yeast at lunch would quench my cheese craving for the day….but clearly that didn’t happen.

quesadilla piece

3:00 PM  Snack:

Tall Soy Misto (splurge!) I had a quick interview this afternoon and had time to burn before my shift at work.  Decided to enjoy a Starbucks treat!  See Exhibit A below 🙂

soy misto computer

6:30 PM Dinner:

Protein shake (Trader Joe’s unflavored soy protein powder- since I’m out of whey- kale, spinach, the fiancé’s organic skim milk- since I’m out of almond milk-, cocoa, cinnamon, frozen banana) and raw veggies (red bell pepper and baby carrots).

I wish I could show the actual smoothie for you- but it wasn’t pretty anyway. Has anyone every used this thermos? It’s a bit messy for smoothies but it’s my absolute favorite- keeps coffee hot and smoothies/drinks cold for hours!  This thermos seriously saved my butt in college.  Kept my coffee hot the ENTIRE day.

veggies and smoothie

I also try to drink lots of water throughout the day.

I used to start every day with a protein smoothie, have a big green salad for lunch, and have a more balanced dinner with veggies.  Looks like I need to upgrade my greens & veggie intake again!  I was also really good with Sunday food prep- which would save me a lot of time and ensure some healthy meals for the week.  Time to get back into those habits!

Good thing this WIAW keeps me on my toes.

What was on your meal plan today?


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