steel cut oat breakfast bars

Have you read the Body Book by Cameron Diaz?  I skimmed through it the other day and it’s actually quite interesting.  She says she doesn’t have a sweet tooth (luck duck!!) but craves savory foods.  Definitely not the case with me- my sweet tooth can be cuuuhraaaazy.

Cameron (isn’t it funny how you use first names and assume it’s ok even though you don’t know the person? or is it just me?) said she has steel cut oats for breakfast.  She makes makes a batch of oats, lets them cool into a cake-like shape, and then sears a few bars in olive oil when she’s having breakfast.  She tops hers with some sautéed egg whites & shallots or veggies. After reading about her breakfast regime, I knew I had to try something similar.

It sounded like a great idea- changing the texture of steel cut oats but not adding any sugar or flour to make it into a “bar” or “cake”.   Perfect for me, because sometimes I want actual oatmeal –super hearty-but on the other hand,  I’ll want something with a more compact or crispy texture, like pancakes.

Here’s how I made it:

I cooked up a 1/2 cup of steel cut oats and once creamy, I poured them into a loaf pan to cool in the fridge overnight.  (I have a photo but it’s definitely not pretty enough to share!)

Today, I heated a pan with a splash of EVOO.  I cut out a few bars and surprisingly, they kept their form!

I popped them into the hot pan and seared both sides until a little crispy.

I wanted to make these into a sweet breakfast so I topped them with peanut flour (about 2 Tbsp mixed with almond milk) and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  You still need to eat them with a fork because they are still gooey in the middle.

I also enjoyed a pear and a large cup of black coffee on the side.

Pretty deeern good!   Does that make you think of This movie??!?.  Haha 🙂

Next time, I’ll cook the oats in a shallower pan.  I think the bars will be less gooey and crisp up better.  I’d also like to try adding in nut butter, protein powder, or cook in egg whites for extra protein.  Maybe even grated zucchini or blended spinach? Can’t wait to try out different variations.

I hope you like them!

steel cut oat cake

Have you made other recipes with steel cut oats?


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