fitting it all in: fitness & to do’s

I read an article in Redbook magazine that talked about not having enough time.  It compared how much free time men have versus women, how experts measure free time (time spent exercising or in the gym counts as leisure time), and figuring out how to take more “me” time.  Isn’t it always a struggle to get it all done? I know I always feel like I have a huge to-do list.

This week I’ve been pretty good with getting my fitness in.  I make it a priority and I’ve been loving lots of yoga.  My schedule is about to change so I tried to take as many classes as possible.

Monday: Cardio weights class & yoga class

Tuesday: 3 mile run outside & motorcycle ride

Yup we’re going to count the motorcycle ride as exercise.  I mean, I didn’t do the driving, but it takes some skill to hold on and I’d say it counts as a butt/ab workout. See my awesome huge helmet below.  Wearing that thing is also a workout 🙂


Wednesday: Baldwin Hills stairs & yoga class

Thursday: Short run outside with a girlfriend & popped into a zumba class for about 40 mins

Friday: Yoga class & walk

Saturday: Yoga class?? hike?

Sunday: Sunday Runday??

Yup we’ll see if I take a day off on Saturday or Sunday instead.

So what about right now?  What is my little inner to-do list telling me to do?

  • Get a car wash or wash my car
  • Clean the apartment
  • Look into at more schools to apply for
  • Meal plan for  next week and pick up groceries

How do I justify not doing said items?

  • I don’t want to spend $14 on a car wash and it’s supposed to rain next week
  • I took out the garbage, put away the dishes, and wiped down the counters….so it’s pretty clean
  • I’ve reached out to a few friends about their schools and programs and am waiting for responses
  • I wrote the fiancé a grocery list last week…so I  hope he’ll pick up some food so I can cook up and prep the meals

Soooo what am I doing instead?

  • Drinking a sparkling water
  • Catching up with my aunt via a few texts
  • Making plans for the weekend
  • Drafting up a few blog posts

I bet many of you are the same way…..a to-do list is rolling through your head right now. Especially if you’re trying to keep a healthy active lifestyle and eat well!!!

I recommend writing everything down and getting it out of your head.

Then take some time off and go for a cruise 🙂  Maybe listen to this overplayed, semi-obnoxious song:  for you country music lovers like myself.


Enjoy the ride and have a restful, healthy, FUN weekend!


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