sweet treats for “Foodie Pen Pal- February”

How cool is this idea?  Don’t you love mail and surprise treats picked out just for you?

If you haven’t heard about Foodie Pen Pals, check out this description from the lovely Lean Green Bean.

I had a great experience with my first pen pal!

After signing up, I was matched up with my foodie pen pal: a sweetheart, foodie, reference librarian, and mother of two living in Alabama.    Since my pen pal doesn’t have a blog up and running, I thought I’d describe the package I mailed. (Technically we’re supposed to wait until the last day of the month for the blog post….but on that day I’ll share what I received in the mail!)

Here’s what she had to say:

I’m Kellie, your Foodie Pen Pal match for February,  Nice to “meet” you!  A bit about me, I’m 36, a reference librarian in Alabama, and have 2 teenagers, a boy and a girl.  We live in a small town just north of Tuscaloosa, but thankfully have access to an amazing locally, mom-and-pop owned “health food store” as Whole Foods is 95 miles away from my house, and Trader Joe’s 300 miles away in Atlanta (ack!)….As for my diet, I’m primarily vegetarian, but have to dabble in pecatarianism occasionally because #1: my protein is abysmally low always, and #2: salmon is yummy.  I also have celiac disease (I am horrible to shop for, sorry!), but my children happily gobble up whatever I can’t eat, so, no worries.  These are a few of my favorite things (since I enjoyed reading your list on your blog!):  mint and chocolate together, caramel, peanut butter, coconut, peaches, tomatoes,  mustard and anything Asian (my undergrad is in Asian history, and I spent a summer in Taiwan doing research and eating)

Besides making sure every item was gluten free, it wasn’t too hard to find some goodies that I know Kellie would love.

I went shopping and found all of my goodies at Sprouts.  After writing a note about why I chose each item,  I headed to the post office to grab a box and ship it out.



Plenty of chocolate, mint/coconut/chocolate, peanut butter, peach, & Asian inspired goodies!

I also bordered the note with some super cute paperclips- perfect for a librarian and mom.


I can’t wait to describe my pen pal box!

Have you participated in Foodie Pen Pals?


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