Wholesam meals of the week

I initially had this post titled “squash, avocado, salad, pancakes” but thought that might sound a little gross.

Would you try it? A squash, avocado, pancake salad? Winking smile


I snapped some photos of my meals and snacks to share on this little bloggie.  Lots of big veggie bowls, avocados, treats, and carbs.

Sprouted grain toast with smashed avocado and hot sauce

Have you tried this?  It’s so rich and creammmmmy….. and better than smearing toast with butter or mayo!


Protein pancakes with banana and peanut flour drizzle

Weekend staple


Cabbage & broccoli salad

If I’m too lazy to make a dressing, which is almost always, I’ll just  squeeze on some mustard, vinegar, and hot sauce.


Roasted kabocha squash with more peanut flour sauce

Snack time!  This polishes off the last of my PB2….womp womp.


Egg white scramble with kale and zucchini and nutri yeast

Not a pretty photo- but yummy!


VEGAN Meal at Sage in Culver City

I talked the fiancé into a meal out at a vegan restaurant.  We decided to split a pizza and a burger.  We chose a pizza with artichoke, eggplant, red pepper sauce, vegan cheese, and a buckwheat crust.  We also split a tempeh black bean burger topped with mango, avocado, and sautéed onions.  It came with a side of house made sweet potato chips.

Although our meal was good, I think we’d try something else on the menu next time.

I love trying vegan food, but it’s important to realize that a lot of it can be high in calories, sugar, or fat!  Normally, I stay away from the fake cheeses and meats for this reason.  Buuuuut it’s fun to try out different meals and combinations that you wouldn’t cook up at home.

When we go back, I’d love to try a bowl or breakfast.  Their drink menu looks great too Winking smile


Egg burrito with black beans, spinach, mushroom, and hot sauce on Ezekiel tortilla

The black beans look like rabbit poop.  Sorry. Smile


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate bar

These are my favorite chocolate bars! 100 calories each and 70% cacao.


Tuna Salad Veggie Bowl

Easy peasy!  Drain 1 can tuna in water, mix with mustard, and top over steamed broccoli & cauliflower and chopped mixed veggies (found at Trader Joe’s).  Plus some hot sauce of course.


There were a few more un-pictured treats this week….including triple peanut butter ice cream, brown rice sushi rainbow rolls, and quinoa cranberry cookies.

I need to cool it on the hot sauce. Most of these pictured meals have it…yikes!!

What was your favorite meal this week?


sweetness & fitness mantras

“Hi my little Sweet Pea!” – my mom

“Have a good day Sugar Plum” – friend

“Hello Sweetness” – yoga teacher

“Good morning mi Amor” – fiancé

“Sambody Sexikowski!” – girlfriend (She gifted me a few magazine subscriptions to that name. haha) 😀

“<3 YFA” – YFN

Don’t you love sweet little nicknames?  I do ;D


Was just thinking about how sweet positive thoughts can keep you going.  Like mantras when you’re working out. Do you have any mantras you use while running?

Here’s what pops into my head when I’m trying to stay in the work-out mindset:

Random Thoughts:

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” I mean isn’t Finding Nemo inspiring?

“You’ve got this. ___ miles/minutes done and ___  miles/minutes left.”  Calculating how far I’ve gone or what I have left to do pushes me.

“You had a big breakfast- let’s burn it off. OR You’ve got a yummy meal waiting for you!” Ok yea sometimes I think about what I ate for fuel or what I want to eat after my workout.  Who doesn’t?

“Just to that tree. Just to that street.  Just to that car.” Continually naming and achieving small milestones while running encourages stamina.  When I’m tired and don’t think I can run one more mile, breaking it up into , “ok that tree, ok just this stop sign” makes the total distance more attainable.

Faster, Stronger, Relaxer” Repeating this mantra to myself has been a great motivator.  Yea, I know relaxer isn’t a word.  But I read this mantra in a workout magazine and it stuck.   It rhymes and it’s exactly what I need to think about when I’m feeling tired and need that extra push.


Other Tips:

Make a playlist that makes you dance and sing! A great playlist will keep me going and pump me up!! I will sing out loud and dance along if I’m really having fun.

Wear comfortable clothes for the weather conditions of the day.  Dress for the weather! When you feel comfortable, you work harder.  When you aren’t overheating or freezing, your workout is easier to complete.  When I get a new workout shirt or outfit, I want to put them on and head out the door!

Find a workout buddy!  This is still on my to-do list.  Attending workout classes are a huge part of my fitness regime.  Without them, it’s hard for me to stay motivated!

Have fun! Love your workout or you’ll start hating exercise.

How do you stay motivated? Any mantras that you love?

taste everything, eat everything

Just a thought for intuitive eating and how to stay healthy without becoming CRAZY!! 

What’s your eating philosophy? Can you taste everything & eat nothing? 

Sounds easy enough right?  Pretty straightforward? mmmmm welll……

Are you a fan of Bethanny Frankel?

I wasn’t until I read her book.  She’s still a little too “New York” for me but I do love her honesty.

She has a pretty realistic and healthy attitude towards food and staying thin.  She admits to previously suffering from “food noise” and obsessing over her diet.  She says she’s so much happier now with her new habits of “taste everything & eat nothing.”  By not depriving yourself and not focusing on each and every meal and calorie, you can enjoy small portions of foods that you actually want.  What’s more, most of her recipes use whole ingredients and make  healthy substitutions where possible without decreasing the flavor.


I have a girlfriend who is good at eating what she wants and not overdoing it.  She’s thin and gorgeous!  Lately, she’s had issues with a GI infection that she hasn’t been able to cure.  She put herself on a diet consisting of probiotics and a special formula/smoothie that totalled around 600 calories per day.  Because she couldn’t eat solid food for a few weeks, she’s been collecting goodies from work in a Ziploc- stored in her freezer for when she can eat again.  Today I received a text from her, “OMG I did it.  I ate the entire bag.  EVERYTHING. :/ ”   In my opinion, she probably needed the calories!  But it’s interesting to see what happens when you deprive your body!

I’ve been in a similar boat. I’m not the “taste everything eat nothing” girl.  When I taste something that’s not a “healthy” food (like sweets, bread, carbs, chips etc.), I want to EAT EVERYTHING.

I guess that’s another reason why I like blogging my meals.  I’m finding a balance.   Moderation for me looks like: fro yo once in a while, eating more carbs and healthy fats, having a glass of wine here or there, and having that extra snack so I don’t eat a HUGE dinner when I get home from work.

I’m also learning to eat what I’m craving without feeling the guilt.  I won’t eat everything else and come back an hour later for that French toast or oatmeal I wanted in the first place!

I can’t wait to share more of my healthy tips and recipes.

Just a wholesam taste of life over here….enjoying one day at a time. 🙂

I’d love to hear what keeps you motivated and healthy, without being obsessive!

I’ll leave you with some lovely pinterest pins that may or may not relate to health……