unexpected dark chocolate, almond, oat cookies

Unexpected cookies? whaaaat? Is there such a thing?

Well like I admitted yesterday, I initially bought a few Vday treats (but ate all of them) and needed something else to put in my gift bag.

I even wrote in my card “I promise not to eat your unhealthy treats!” haha wow see this sweet tooth of mine is UNREAL.  Time for a juice cleanse maybe?

Oh well.  We all know that Chips Ahoy really aren’t that great anyway.  Clearly Oreos are the better store bought cookie.  Especially with milk or PEANUT BUTTER!


I still gave the empty container to him and explained my embarrassing story……. I think it’s happened before…he wasn’t surprised.

You know what? I had some extra time and I felt like baking, so I should never have bought that processed crap in the first place.

Honestly my hot pink packaging is much more festive anyway.  Win. Win. Win.

Turns out I was out of brown sugar, didn’t have butter in the house, no raisins, only a few oats….so I had to find a recipe that would work with my disappointing cupboard.

 I found this recipe for Perfect Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Bakerbettie.com that promised I could make  PERFECT cookies with only 6 ingredients….

I was sold….and figured that I could use what I had…

I mean Bettie made it very clear that I could pull a Tim Gunn and, “Make it work”.

YAH!  That’s my kind of baking.

I followed the recipe subbing in what I could, adding the baking powder, vanilla, and a little salt as suggested.

I used Smart Balance.  And white sugar. Whole wheat flour. and some dark chocolate bars from TJ’s. Some almonds. Barely a cup of oats.

I also added a few tablespoons of steel cut oats because I didn’t have enough regular oats.

I ended up cooking them for the 9 minutes…plus 2…plus 2…plus 2…plus 2….I prefer gooier cookies but I have a habit of undercooking them and this batch needed to turn out yummy enough to package up and give as a gift.

I even had a little leftover dough to throw in the freezer to bake up next time I eat all his candy.

vdaycookie collage

Overall, they turned out pretty good! Or at least the fiancé pretends to like them so that’s nice of him.

cookie in box

I had too much of the other junk food that I wouldn’t dare try one of these cookies….in case they are good….there’s another upset stomach waiting to happen.

Next cookie I’d like to make are these healthy “cookies” from Pinterest.  Now those are my kind of cookie.

What’s your favorite cookie recipe? Do you try to healthify everything like me?

Healthy bars, make sure to use no sugar added applesauce


friday favorites #3



Oh my gosh!  Look at all these beauties!!

The white daisies were a “just because” bouquet that my fiancé gave to me at least two weeks ago.  They still look beautiful.  AND the fiancé went to the LA flower market today & surprised me with Vday flowers- two bouquets!  He couldn’t decide between “romantic” flowers or “happy” flowers.  He’s starting to sound like me! haha  I am so lucky. ❤



My brother got me this scarf for me for Christmas! I love the neutral color- goes with everything.  I think it was from H&M.



I’ve been reading this book at work.  It’s SO SO good!   Read it.

Completed Task:


Something else to check off the to-do list.

Best Coffee:


Samsquatch. Coffee. Enough said.

Throwback photo:


Can I do this every week please?



Dark Chocolate, nuts & sea salt….with only 5g Sugar, 6g Protein, 7g Fiber and 200 calories? Yum. Sweet treat.



Unlike the feisty Winter Storm Pax hitting the South and Northeast, SoCal has had some beautiful warm weather this week!  We had a nice little beach walk yesterday evening.  Can’t beat that.


cookie in box

I made the fiancé some cookies for Vday.  I’ll share the story next week…let’s just say I was an early bird shopper…picked up some snickers and peanut  m&ms and chips ahoy for him….and by the time Vday rolled around….I had eaten them ALL…. whoops.  So he received some oatmeal/almond/dark chocolate cookies that turned out fabulous.  I’ll be sharing the recipe 🙂



I wore this apron while baking the cookies.  That’s probably why they turned out so GOOD.  Isn’t it cuuuute?! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s a good reminder to feel beautiful, share love, and treat yourself with kindness!


I’m that girl that likes to people watch.  Not in a creepy way, but in an observant, get to know you way.  Take me to a restaurant and I love checking out what’s on your plate and I’ll try to guess if you’re on a first date or how many years you’ve been married.  Take me to a festival or a ball game and I love to take in the scenery and crowds….weird? maybe a little.   I guess that’s why I love reading WIAW posts…see what other bloggers are eating and cooking up…and why I wanted to start posting my own eats.

It doesn’t hurt that WIAW will make me photograph my meals and snacks….like a food journal except I can really see my portion sizes…and if I’m overdoing it!  Most days, I like to use the Lose It! app to keep myself accountable and also track workouts.

So here goes nothing…

To be honest, today’s eats weren’t traditional for me AT ALL. But I’m trying to eat what I’m feeling, and I had to work in the evening so more snacks and a shake for dinner instead of in the morning were easiest.


7:00 AM Breakfast:

Margarita Grilled Cheese (two slices sprouted grain toast, fresh basil, fresh tomato, Smart Balance Light w/flax, and Trader Joe’s Lite Shredded Mozzarella) and two mugs of black coffee.

So so so good.  I made this for dinner a few days before and as soon as I saw the extra ingredients in the morning I knew what I wanted for breakfast.

I wish I snapped a photo of the cooking process.  I first used a cast iron skillet…until one side stuck and I practically had to scrape it off and transfer to a flat nonstick frying pan and finish grilling. Smile  Still delish.

grilled cheese

For my workout I went to a morning, hour long cardio sculpt class at my gym.

12 :00 PM Lunch:

Quinoa Veggie bowl (leftover quinoa, shredded cabbage, kale, carrots, more basil, squirt or two of mustard, splash of balsamic vinegar, and splash of Braggs Liquid Aminos).

quinoa bowl

2:00 PM Snack:

Chia Seed Pudding (almond milk, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia) and small green apple eaten on my porch.

chia seed snack

6 pm Dinner:

Protein Shake (Chocolate protein powder, kale, spinach, almond milk, cinnamon, flax seed) and unpictured veggies (cucumbers and carrots) and later some raw almonds eaten at the yoga desk.

almonds and smoothie

I went to my girlfriends after work.  She had a few friends over and we played this game:  Snorta.  It was my first time playing and it was fun but I was horrible!  Have you guys heard of it?

While I was there I had a few un-pictured sparkling waters that were yummy.

11 pm Snack:

By the time I got home I needed another snack.  I’m normally in bed by 10 pm so I suppose I had the late night munchies.  I nuked some oatmeal in a little ramekin (same as chia seed pudding dish).  I then nuked myself a second helping and added some Smart Balance and a little protein powder.  One tiny serving of oatmeal is never enough!   Also un-pictured! whoops.

There you have it! A snacky kind of day!

too good for a straw

I made a promise that if my fiance ever bought me a Vitamix, I’d stop eating my protein smoothies from a bowl…..

What he doesn’t know won’t annoy him, right?  Especially if he doesn’t see me eating it?

As much as I love slurpin’ up a smoothie through a straw, I prefer to pour mine right into a bowl and enjoy it with a spoon.

It feels like a treat in the morning- almost like a bowl of fro yo or ice cream for breakfast- and I can savor it MUCH longer. Otherwise, I’ll drink it up in 2.5 seconds and I won’t give myself enough time to feel full!

Here’s the recipe I made today:

WholeSAM Protein Oat Smoothie Bowl:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • few handfuls of spinach and/or kale
  • 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal
  • Enough almond milk to get it all moving
  • Big dash or two of cinnamon

Topped with 1/4 cup raw oats for some added fiber!


Don’t worry, there’s more to come in the world of wholeSAM smoothies! Can’t wait to share some of my other favorite smoothie recipes!

What’s your favorite smoothie?  Is it a protein smoothie or a regular fruit smoothie?

Sambody? Samsquatch?

I started a blog in Jan 2011 under a name like “LA Adventure” but I just couldn’t get my voice out and I gave up.  I didn’t think I had enough to say.  I didn’t believe in myself and I wasn’t ready to commit.

Fast forward to about now.  Let’s join the party.  Let’s share my love of health, fitness, cooking, and food with the blogging world.  Let’s hold myself accountable and have my own WIAW posts! Ahh only something a blogger would get excited about.

OK so I had to find a name. I wanted it to combine a nickname and something to do with health.

Saambody? 🙂  I used to work for a meal delivery company and the chef always noticed when  my coworkers or myself had snitched desserts or fruit. “Sammmbody has been in the kitchen.” “Sambody was eating the string cheese/brownies/nuts.”  Ahh oh well Mario loved us girls 🙂  Sambody.com wasn’t going to work and Sammmbody cooks/eats/works out just didn’t have a ring to it.

Samsquatch?  Another endearing name that a co-worker so sweetly dubbed me.  I won’t lie, I love it – it’s so creative. But no not for the blog.

Sambalam? Nope not going to work either.

Samplicity? Taken

“Wholesam”….something…  I mean, the synonyms for wholesome are exactly what I want this blog to be: nourishing, healthy, nutritious, sensible, honest, open, fit, clean.  And “taste”, well I also wanted to share random musings, travel, and other pieces of my life.  I wanted this blog to be a sample or “taste” or everything.  Plus Wholesambody was taken 🙂

Winner winner chicken dinner- wholesam taste became the name.

Now I’ll leave you with this adorable photo of my girlfriend’s sister’s pup….because he’s just so cute.


mix it up: 1 minute blondie mug cake

First, let’s just say that I’ve been mixing up my workouts so I don’t get bored!

Fitness this week was a little different than normal, since my brother was visiting (big smiles!!).  He’s a pretty active guy so I wasn’t worried that he’d hate if I took an hour for the gym or if we went out for a full day of hiking or walking.

Second, let’s rewind a bit to an unhealthy treat I’ve been mixing up this month! I’ve  been craving carbs and sweets like nooooBODY’s business and have discovered a delectable mug cake recipe…it’s been a delicious indulgence but will NOT make it into my meal plan for the next few weeks….. time to kick the sugar addition.

If you want a heavenly, guilty treat, try making this:

MIX IT UP One-Minute, Mug Blondie:

  • 2.5 tablespoons whole wheat flour
  • 2.5 tablespoons sugar (eeek I know!)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • Water (enough to make a wet dough mixture)

Microwave for about a minute  or until desired doneness (I like it a little more raw so it was like cookie dough).  Be like me and enjoy it with your fiance’s peanut m&m’s or the last of his chocolate cocoa ice cream (both of which I hate having in the house b/c ultimately I will eat them).  Sometimes you just can’t stop.

MMM now that I have you craving sugar, let’s describe what I’ve been doing to BURN off those calories:


Monday: Cardio Sculpt Class at my gym (one hour class with full body toning using light weights  (2-5 lbs.) plus cardio: jumping jacks, burpees, boxing, shuffles, etc.) This class is taught by one of my favorite teachers, Alfredo.  Let’s just say he’s a spandex-wearing-bust-out-a move-hands-on kind of teacher. Hilarious.

Tuesday: Power Yoga morning class at the yoga studio (one hour yoga class that incorporated a lot of abs)

Wednesday: 5 mile hike with my brother and fiancé, moderate intensity; plus lots of walking!

Thursday: Popped in to an evening Zumba class for 40 mins of booty shaking

Friday: Yoga class (1 hour and 15 minutes, great stretching, focus on balance and alignment

Saturday: 5 mile run! slowly getting back at it!

Sunday: the plan is to do a few toning routines: Love Your Body Series- Tone It Up. I love K&K!

What was your favorite workout this week?! Any classes that I need to try? I wish my gym had spin classes- I have yet to try one of those out!

great (& Greek) yogurt pancakes

Breakfast is the BEST meal of the day.  No question. Hands down. Numero Uno. The whole enchilada. King’s feast.  Uhhhhh yea.  I’m done.

I used to feel guilty eating pancakes.  Well, well, well…. not anymore.  There are SO many healthy pancake recipes out there.  It can be overwhelming (if you by chance are as indecisive as I am and pin recipes that you never use and flag recipes that you forget to come back to).  😉

Anyway, I’ll normally whip up the egg-banana-2 ingredient-recipe OR the oat-egg-white version for a quick, easy, and high protein breakfast.  When I have more time and I’m feeling like pancakes that taste more like “usual” pancakes, I’ll make a version of these babies:


  • 1 container 0% fat plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 egg
  • ~ 1/2 cup flour (whole wheat or oat flour)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • dash of cinnamon and splash of vanilla

Whip egg and mix ingredients.  **Note: Batter will be very dry.  If too dry, add a splash of milk (I use almond).

Heat skillet on med-hi heat and spray with cooking spray or 1-2 tbsp coconut oil.

Drop batter into cakes, heat until bubbles form, and flip!  Cook until desired doneness!

Top with fruit, nuts, maple syrup, or whatever you’re feelin’.


Today I followed the recipe pretty closely and used my Vitamix to grind oats into flour.  I topped the cakes with peanut flour sauce, some almonds for crunch, and a sliced banana.

+ a large cup of coffee  + dvr’d Olympics = a relaxing Saturday morning.

What did you have for the BEST meal of the day?

ingredients pancakes

before and after pancakes


friday favs no 2

Hello friend(s)!

Since I haven’t posted a recipe/eats in a while I thought Friday Favs would focus on meal favorites from the week – trying to make it pretty healthy, lots of veggies, oats and smoothies!  Just to warn ya- most of my photos are not very pretty! haha I’ll work on that.


Egg scrambles with veggies, sometimes wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla

Chipotle Salad Bowl (peppers/onions, black beans, salsa, sofritas – no cheese)

Sweet Potatoes, sautéed tofu, roasted veggies

Grilled Chicken on the grill (by the fiancé), roasted asparagus, and green beans

Green Protein smoothies (banana, kale, spinach, choc Pro powder, flax seed, almond milk- sometimes topped with 1/4 cup raw oats)

Trader Joe’s Ancient Grain Pizza (I don’t eat a lot of frozen pizza,  Most of them are so processed but the Nutri Facts in this one isn’t bad! It’s hard to limit yourself to one serving though!)

Pea Soup w/hot sauce and Trader Joe’s Veggie Chips (I cropped it in because the bowl wasn’t pretty- well this photo isn’t pretty either but you get the picture!)


Protein Pancakes– many different varieties! (this one is made with zucchini and topped with microwaved frozen banana and peanut flour sauce- sorry my pancakes are never very pretty- but VERY tasty!)

zucchini oat pancakes

Steel cut oats w/Greek Yogurt, banana, cinnamon and PB Flour

steel cut oats

Roasted Kabocha Squash (w/coconut oil)


Green juice


Lunch at Neptune’s Net– steamed shrimp & veggies (SO GOOD!)

neptunes net

What were some of your favorite meals or foods this past week?  Anything that you just can’t stop eating?

LA hikes to remember


If I can’t get outside and go for a run or a hike every few days, I get antsy.  I can’t quiet my mind and the voice inside my head won’t shut up.  When I’m outside I can focus on nature, feel the breeze or sun on my skin, and just BE…it doesn’t hurt that I get my workout in….hello booty.

I’m lucky that Los Angeles has great weather and a surprisingly easy-to-find hiking scene.  Personally, I think early morning hikes are the best.  If I leave early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I can get to my go-to hike in Temescal Canyon in 15-20 minutes! I hop on the PCH and I’m there- without having to fight beach traffic. YES!   Albeit today I didn’t get there and park until about 8:15 am so technically, it wasn’t early.

This morning there was a “happy” feeling in the air, I swear!  It was a chilly morning- and I’m saying this as a born and raised Wisconsin girl as I wore a long sleeve shirt and leggings in the 55-60 degree weather ( —->wimp).   The hike wasn’t yet packed with people, but everyone that I ran into said “hello” or “good morning”…. so refreshing to get that in LA!  I even got a “Go Badgers!!” and  high five (thanks to my WI hat).

My favorite route  is only around 3 miles, but pretty much straight uphill and then straight downhill.  There’s supposed to be a waterfall, but since it’s SO dry, there normally isn’t any water a-flowin 😦  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Hilary Swank twice on this hike now….in this floppy (dorky) hiking hat and tan/green little outfit.  Either I don’t get out much or I never recognize celebrities out and about…probably both.

Temescal Canyon wasn’t the hike that I initial planned on taking today.  I found a new hike online and was planning on trying it out.  When I woke up this morning, I decided to stick closer to home and save the farther, more secluded hike for a day when I have a hiking buddy.  I’ve learned to be smarter when I’m out by myself, especially due to my Magical Mountain Lion Hike experience.  I will never forget that hike.  Not only did I see a mountain lion run into my path a few feet ahead of me, but then, after freezing in panic mode for a few seconds, I turned and bolted in the other direction, literally running into Tara a few minutes later.  I was able to hike with her for the rest of the day…feeling completely safe, chatting with her about life, positivity, and LA.




Beautiful clear day.

And then there was the pit stop at the farmers market after…..daisies are my  happy flowers 🙂

Happy day!